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About Us

To exist more than 15 years as a company , Teampower introduced German technology and obligatory to deliver the best quality. To continue delivering the best quality all our competent & dedicated employees have to work together and use the best materials and equipment for all processes like a smooth running machine. Luckily we are located in an area and country where we can find the best possible resources. In order to secure the quality everything we do is checked via a four eyes principle and supported by 24/7 services.

1, Power of the professional design

Teampower has an excellent design team composed of 20 permernant designers , and a number of intern designers and 70 free designers in cooperation with us and we declare many patents in China . Moreover, Teampower has build a long term cooperation with many leading designing universities all over the world to ensure that continuous blood could be added to its design.

2, Quality from Teampower 

There are plenty of reasons to choose loading arms made by Tampower: the strong design team, reliable production process, decades of experience and continuous quality management system with all the necessary certificates. And since almost every loading arm undergoes a factory acceptance test at our own facility with the customer present, Teampowe is now known in places as far away as Africa, America and Mid-east & others in the world .

3,  Partners Worldwide 

Teampower has many worldwide TOP 500 partners on every continent, like SINOPEC, SINOCHEM,CNPC, BP,TOTAL etc..., all the world branches of them adopt Teampower loading arms including wharf transferring and oil depots.

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