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Locking Type Sealing Device
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Locking Type Sealing Device

This is a new sealing device for oil loading on top, On the premise of no changing the tank mouth, the sealing problem of crane pipe with oil and gas recovery is solved.Can realize one-step operation (one step can be locked, one step can be released);Equipped with a protective level alarm probe (proprietary built-in, anti-impact);The cylinder is specially made with proprietary technology.The rubber pad is specially made.Can be against benzene, xylene resistance, gasoline resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static;It has 6 patents and 2 proprietary technologies.

After testing, the leakage detection value of domestic sealed crane pipe when loading is low limit of 3.5-67% V (hydrocarbon, gasoline explosion range of 1.4-7.6% V).

For the locking seal device of manual automobile, the lowest leakage detection value of crane pipe is 0.0%V (hydrocarbon), and the average value is 0.05%V (hydrocarbon).

The leakage detection value of the third party pneumatic locking sealing device for

tank truck loading is 0.006%V (60ppm) , which is far lower than the 0.05%V leakage value stipulated by the state.

The lowest leakage detection value of the third party of pneumatic locking sealing device for train loading is 0.008%V (80ppm), also which is far lower than the national leakage value of 0.05%V, and which is more than one percent of similar sealing devices (23 times higher than that of similar devices -- 452 times higher).

Put the tank mouth and loading arm seal to be a relatively fixed relationship, and the other parts are in a free state.Overcome all kinds of external forces on the sealing surface of the formation of interference.The sealing device installed in the jacket type crane pipe vertical section, the mouth sealing device in the tank when loading, the locking mechanism into the jar, locking mechanism driven by pneumatic or manual, make the locking block produces automatic alignment jar after locking coherent action center, and after finding the center of tank mouth , then the locking force makes the high elastic rubber gasket deforms with the mouth of tank car, in the whole loading into the sealing device and jar always keep locking state, to ensure the sealing performance is stable and reliable sealing device.
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