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Marine Loading Arms
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Marine Loading Arms
To load or unload a ship, a hose or loading arm is needed to follow the movement of the ship due to the dynamics of changing draft, changing tide, wind and other factors.
A Marine Loading Arm offers a significant improvement over a hose in the transfer of liquids between vessel and shore because It provides an easier and more ergonomic operation, gives longer service life and permits Emergency Release Action without any spillage of product and without any pollution.
Our Marine loading arms are manufactured in line with the latest requirements of OCIMF and demands of major oil companies. TEAMPOWER Marine loading arms require minimal maintenance and all product seals can be replaced without  the need of cranes or dismantling the loading arm itself.
Marine loading arm has two types:
TS□-D—Independent supporting
Marine loading arm control types:
H—Manual type (TSH)     
E—electro hydraulic type(TSE, adopting PLC controller)
Specification parameter:
Diameter:DN80 ---- DN400
Pressure:0.6Mpa ---- 5.0Mpa
Temperature: -196℃ --- +250℃
Materials :20#、SUS(18-8、304、316、316L)
Reference standard:
TEAMPOWER Marine Loading arms can be operated either manually or hydraulically, depending on the loading arm size, physical dimensions and fitted accessories. Hydraulic operation requires 2 drives for inboard and outboard arm movement and 1 drive for rotation movement. Operation of the hydraulic loading arm can be effected by means of:

Levers directly mounted on the valve block adjacent to the loading arm riser, so called manual hydraulic operation.
By push buttons on either the operator console or on the remote control pendant box / wireless set. An Electric hydraulic control system consists of a PLC and a solenoid operated valve block mounted on the loading arm and a hydraulic power pack.

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