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Skid Mounted Loading System
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Skid Mounted Loading System
Our philosophy is to complete as much of the build off-site as possible by delivering a skid based solution. The advantages of this approach include:
◆The system can be piped, cabled and flow tested in advance of delivery
◆Snagging is done off-site which minimises site assembly and start-up time
◆Large skids can be built in modular form to allow road transportation
◆Reduced time on site makes the project cheaper, safer and more convenient
Quality is assured since all welding, pipework and assembly is performed by qualified and experienced personnel.
Our status as an independent systems integrator means we can work with specific customer specification, budget and lead time requirements where required. In parallel, we hold strategic distribution partnerships with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry so where the specification allows we can gain access to industry leading products at competitive rates.

◆Modular construction for ease of transport

◆MID / OIML compliant

◆Built in de-aeration

◆On or off-skid control

◆Integrated meter proving

◆Fiscal flow control and supervisory system

◆Systems can be trailer mounted for portable use

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