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Swivel Joints
Swivel Joint is the key component of the Loading arm , which directly affects the rotating flexibility, sealing and safety of the crane pipe. Swivel Joint is produced by our company have ideal sealing effect on liquid and gaseous media, and can be used safely and reliably in normal temperature, low temperature, high temperature and corrosive medium state. Swivel joints are designed in various structural forms, including simple steel structure, internal heating, PTFE lined structure, single raceway and double raceway.

◆Nominal bore from DN 50 to DN 400

◆Operating temperature of -320.8 °F to +482 °F (-196 °C to +250 °C)

◆Operating pressures up to 725.2 psi (50 bar)

◆Lining and/or heating available

◆Flanged on both ends

◆Available in single- or double-race versions

◆Hardened ball races without race rings

◆Sealing surfaces made of stainless seal

◆Double dynamic seals

◆Different sealing materials (e.g. FPM, PTFE, CSM, EPDM, PE)

◆Seal purging available

◆Sealing systems with minimal dead space and/or FDA-approved sealing materials

◆No regular seal replacement required

◆Certified to relevant international standards

◆Type-approved and TA-Luft-certified

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